Earn from Home

These are few Companies I've compiled, that pays you for just giving your opinions on their site.

Please note that if you are not from US, UK & CANADA, use VPN and select those countries before signing up.

Below are the programs;

•    1. UniqueRewards

Earn extra money online UniqueRewards

Sign up on their website by clicking Sign Up button.

Fill out the form and click Continue button.
Select offers that you are interested in and click Finish button.

Then open Confirmation E-mail in your Inbox and click confirmation link.
After that you may log into your account and earn real cash!

Listed below are the ways you can earn money with them:

  • Get Cash Back for Shopping Online!
  • Shop your favorite stores and get cash back for your purchases.
  • Get great deals from hundreds of merchants! 
  • Combine online coupons plus a cashback rebate and you SAVE BIG money with them! 
  • Try brand name products for Free!

As a member of UniqueRewards, you can save money on name brand products or just try them for free! Learn about products, save money on items you've always wanted or simply try before you buy. Plus, as a member, you'll also get paid just for trying offers!

There are hundreds of offers to choose from including online and financial services, career and employment, educational, health and beauty, entertainment, dating and much more.

Get Paid to take online surveys!

Influence the products of tomorrow by giving your opinion today with paid surveys. Simply visit UniqueRewards and participate in the free online surveys and get paid to take surveys!

Earn money just by clicking!

Go to Click Cash section, select any offer you are interested in, click on it, visit website and receive $0.01 for it! Visit each website once a day and get some cash every day!.

Get Paid for Reading Emails!

Like most people, you probably check your email many times a day - taking interest in some and deleting others. As a member of UniqueRewards, you'll only receive emails with special offers you're likely to be interested in. It's a fun and easy way to get great deals on products and services. Plus, you'll get paid to read emails!
We pay $0.01 if you just click on email and visit advertising website!

Get paid for watching videos!

You can earn cash for watching videos. The way you get paid to watch videos is just watching the video. It is very simple. Watch each video once a day and get $0.01 for each video watching.

Earn cash by listening to the radio!

As a member of UniqueRewards, you can earn cash while listening to the radio. Enjoy your favorite music and get paid. Enter a Captcha every 30 minutes and earn $0.03 (if you are from U.S.) each time the captcha is entered. British and Canadian users earn $0.01 each time the Captcha is entered.

To complete the radio offer successfully you should have the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player and browser.

Earn cash by completing surveys/offers via OfferWalls!

It's easy and quick to earn more cash completing some surveys/offers.

Get paid for playing games!

It's the easiest way to earn cash, besides you can have fun. Enjoying a wide range of games, including mahjongg, sudoku, bridge, outspell, daily crossword, solitaire arcade and a great number of others, you can plunge into them and get paid for your time.

Earn extra money online from uniquerewards

  • 2. UniqPaid

  • Do you want to earn tremendous amounts of money just for signing up for FREE offers? It's FREE to sign up. Once registered at UniqPaid.com, you will be able to earn money every day by visiting them and taking part in new offers!


    UniqPaid.com is an international program. Member­ships are available worldwide. They pay to all members, to all countries!

    They pay you Real Money for signing up for Free Offers, for reading E-mails, for completing Paid Tasks and Paid Surveys, for Visiting Sites, for Online Shopping, for Referring Friends, for Referring Advertisers. They give you many ways to earn money!

    • They are known for Fast and Honest payment processing. 
    • They don't break their own rules! 
    • They pay always on time.
    • They pay through PayPal, Bitcoins and by check! 
    • You choose the method of payment that suits you best!
    • There is no minimum payment amount to get paid via PayPal and Bitcoins! Whether you make just $.01 or $500 or more during any month, you can get paid!
    • Lowest ever minimum payment amount to get paid by check: $5.00
    Absolutely FREE full membership! And absolutely FREE offers! You'll get +10% CASH BONUS for each offer completed during the first 2 days after registration in their program! Hurry Up!