How to get a cash back after shopping on Amazon

If you shop at Amazon then I highly recommend that you use Rebaid to save a lot of money!

We’ll go into exactly what Rebaid is and exactly how it works soon but first let’s go a little bit more in-depth about Rebaid as a company.

As I said earlier, Rebaid is a fairly new company, it was founded in 2019 so this is why you most likely haven’t heard of them before.

In this time they have earned 4.7 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot which is really good for a new company!

They have many testimonials from happy shoppers that are saving $100’s by using Rebaid.

With that said…

Rebaid is a free service that allows you to save $100’s or even $1,000’s on products from Amazon. You even get products for absilutely free using Rebaid.

If you are looking to save money easily from home then Rebaid is one of the services you should be using!

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Now let’s dig deeper into this Rebaid review and go over what Rebaid really is and how it works…

What Is Rebaid

Rebaid is a free money-saving service that allows you to get rebates for many different products on Amazon!

If you don’t know what a rebate is here’s the basic overview…

A rebate is when a company gives you money for buying their product. Awesome right?

For example, let’s say a product is $20 and the company is offering a $15 rebate.

You will have to spend $20 initially to get the product but the company will give you $15 back for purchasing their product.

This means that you only spent $5 on the product!

So how does Rebaid play into this?

Well, businesses use Rebaid to list their rebate offers for products they list on Amazon so they can acquire more customers.

Rebaid is a platform that aggregates many different rebates and puts them all on one website so it’s easier to see.

Plus without Rebaid it will be pretty hard to find these rebate offers on Amazon.

For example, here’s an iPhone case on Rebaid that will only cost $4.47 after the rebate!

example of product on Rebaid

When you click on the product and you will get more information about the product.

You’ll see a description of the product which is great but one of the most important options here is the Preview On Amazon button.

Product details on Rebaid

Select this and you will be taken directly to the product listing on Amazon where you will see the more details about the product and reviews about the product.

This can definitely help you decide if you want the product or not.

Now, the most important thing to notice on the Amazon listing is that there is no mention of a rebate at all! Not even once!

On Amazon, the product is listed for the full price of $14.99 but on Rebaid you can get the same product for $4.47 after the rebate.

Product listing on Amazon

This is the power of Rebaid and why I highly recommend using itto save money easily!

Now let’s go over how to use Rebaid step-by-step so you can see exactly how it works.

How To Use Rebaid

Learn how to use Rebaid

First of all, you have to sign up for Rebaid which as I mentioned before is completely free to do. Plus, it will only take a few seconds to do!

When you click the sign-up button you will get two options which are to become a seller or a shopper. Sign up as a shopper so you can start your money-saving journey!

Rebaid signup

After you sign up to Rebaid you’ll be at your account dashboard where you’ll see your pending rebates, last rebate issued, lifetime rebates, and pending confirmations.

These will all show zero since you just signed up to Rebaid but here are my stats for using Rebaid for just a few weeks:

Rebaid Earnings

This is just to show you that Rebaid actually works to save you money!

Then as you scroll down the page you’ll see all the different products that offer rebates when purchased on Amazon.

example of Rebaid products

You’ll quickly begin to see that these products only have limited daily amounts and some even being sold out for the day.

So, this just means that if you need or want to purchase something then you better hop on the deal quickly to get your rebate.

You can always check back at a later day to see if the item is available again.

Now let’s go through the process of purchasing an item on Amazon and saving money with Rebaid…

Saving Money With Rebaid

So, as you browse through Rebaidlet’s say you found a product that catches your eye.

How exactly do you purchase this product and get a rebate from Rebaid?

First, click on the product where you’ll get more details about the product and the amount of savings you will get for using Rebaid.  Let’s use the iPhone case for example:

Rebaid product details

In this case, you’ll save $10.42 by just using Rebaid!

You also have the option to view the product on Amazon so you can get more details about the product and read reviews to see if you really want to purchase the product.

Okay now let’s say you want to purchase the product, how do you go about getting your rebate?

All you have to do is click on the option to Redeem offer to start the process and you’ll see the first screen where you’ll have to choose your payment method.

Rebaid payment options

Note that when you are new to Rebaid you only have the option to get paid via a mailed check which will take around 5 weeks to arrive.

This does suck but hey you’re saving a lot of money for free so be patient my friend!

Once you completed 2 rebate offers and have been a member of Rebaid for at least 5 weeks you will have the option to choose direct deposit as a payment method.

Direct deposit takes only 2 – 3 days to arrive but you will have to pay a $1 fee for choosing this method.

If you choose the mailed check you’ll have to provide your address and if you choose the direct deposit option you’ll have to provide your bank details.

So, just choose the method that works best for you.

Then after you continue you’ll see a screen with the Rebaid terms and agreements which you’ll have to accept and then the option to buy the product on Amazon.

So if you are ready to purchase this product and save some money with Rebaid just click the button which will open a new tab and take you to Amazon.

Then just purchase the product at full price and once you get your Amazon confirmation code just head back to the Rebaid Dashboard and you’ll see your pending confirmation with the option to enter the Amazon order number.

For example, here is a product from Rebaid that is pending:

Pending confirmation on Rebaid

Once you order the product on Amazon you’ll get an email with the order number, just copy and paste that order number in the pending offer on Rebaid and you’re all set!

Your rebate will be processed and you will get your payment within a few days.

You can also find the order number for the product in your Amazon order history if you cannot find the email.