Buy goods and pay after selling


Many have taught you about online Businesses and Drop-shipping, but probably haven't mentioned this part to you.

Many big importers you see online or offline selling goods or loading their Warehouses, most times, gets their goods on credit and pays the Company back when they sell the products.

Some Companies have made it simpler for people that sells goods online without having a physical store.

How it works

You choose the products you want to sell to your customers, from the Company. When your customers order for it, the Company will deliver the products to your customers, and you collect the payment.

Do you sell goods on your own website or online market place?

You can get U.S. based brand name products directly to your customers. You don't pay for the products until you make a sale.

You can also open your own store with Amazon and eBay to sell your products.


1. No Warehousing: No Storage cost, No Labour cost.

2. No Capital Expenditures: No need for bulk upfront purchases. You don't pay anything for a product until you make a sale.

3. No hidden Fees: Your membership gives you access to millions of products at wholesale prices.

Categories of things you can buy and sell


Baby products




Gadgets and Gifts 

Gourmet and Grocery

Health equipments

Home Decor 

House wares


Kitchen Equipments



Office equipments

Patio and Garden Equipments

Personal Care

Pet products


Sports collectibles 

Toys and Games. ETC

How to use

Choose your membership level, depending on the brands and number of products you want to sell.

Browse the millions of products, put your chosen items in your Cart and check out your items. NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY, NO PER-ITEM CHARGE.

Download your products and upload in bulk to your website, Amazon seller central or eBay account.


Your customers places an order on your website, Amazon or eBay. The Company arranges for delivery directly to your customers. You collect the Payment. It's that simple.

Are you ready to start your business now? If yes, congratulations!

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Buy goods and pay later