e-Signing Procedures - SIGN.NET

Welcome to Sign.net

The digital signing network which empowers users to make better decisions.

Sign.net was created to make digital signing safe, easy and affordable for everyone. They were already heavy duty users of solutions on the market in the course of their daily work – spanning a wide industry background ranging from legal, finance, entrepreneurship to cyber security – and were increasingly frustrated by the relevancy disconnect which existing solutions could address. 

Whether you are a bootstrapped start-up founder, small business owner, or even a thriving success story, they want to empoweall equally to begin with the tools that allow you to grow fearlessly in an all-new digital world.  

SIGN will always put themselves in their customers shoes to figure out how to help them grow. This is the guiding force behind their product development roadmap. They believe that by helping you succeed, they can all progress together.

Digital signatures are transforming the way we work. Join SIGN on this mission to reinvent the age-old concept of document signatures, and embrace new business opportunities!

How to achieve this:

Signing up with SIGN is as easy as everything you can think of. But there are precautions you need to abide on. 

1. Confirmation :

After sign up, you will receive an email from SIGN, almost immediately. 

Go to your inbox and activate your account with SIGN through the email sent to you. After activation, you will see a message like the picture shown below. 

Proceed to verification. 

2. Verification

Verify your account and identity details before proceeding to sign.

After you sign up, you should proceed into the control panel and carry out automated identity verification seamlessly.

Simple but unique fields to help verify users. By passing more verification levels, you build confidence in all parties involved in the document signing process.

Then you are good to go! 

Are you ready for this big innovation?